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South Central Coast Bodyboarding Club
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Bodyboarding - and our club

The South Central Coast Bodyboarders Club is located in NSW Australia.

There are over 80 members and the competition season usually starts in February and goes right through to November.

Our monthly club competition is held at North Avoca which usually turns on a couple of good banks.

We have prone and dropknee events and the riders are classified according to their ability.

Our competition in YR2002 starts with registration day on 2nd March - at North Avoca Surf Club between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

Competition will start the next day 3rd March at North Avoca Beach.

We operate all day and also provide a catering tent where all sorts of hot foods, drinks and goodies can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Club Fees

YR2002 Registration and Competition fees are as follows:

Prone competition TBA

Dropknee comp TBA

Prone and Dropknee TBA